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Instruments at Christ Church

Renovation and Tonal Expansion, 2005

The current organ at Christ Church was designed and built in 1964 by Roy Perry of the famed Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company of Boston, Massachusetts. It replaced the Pilcher organ installed at Christ Church in 1934. The original specification of the instrument included 2 manuals and pedal with 25 speaking stops. In 1984 and again in 1994 various mechanical and tonal alterations and additions were made. In the fall of 2004 the Vestry of Christ Church undertook a capital campaign to provide the necessary funds to properly restore and renovate this wonderful instrument.

The renovation is now nearing completion, and has provided for the parish and its music program a wonderfully versatile and colorful instrument. The renovation has included the releathering of the reservoirs, a new keying and switching system, a new swell shade controller, the building of a beautiful new three manual console featuring keyboards imported from Germany, exotic wood drawknobs from Africa and the latest state-of-the-art console and registration aides.

In addition, a new choir division featuring two pipe towers and oak paneling has been added, and the tonal resources of the instrument have been augmented with digital technology. The organ now consists of three manuals, five divisions, and 72 speaking stops. The pipe work of the swell and great divisions has been revoiced, and the result is a warm, broad and cohesive sound that supports singing well and aids in the accompaniment of the Anglican liturgy in an English Cathedral style. This project has been made possible by gifts from generous parishioners and friends through the Equipping the Saints campaign. We are profoundly grateful to the Church Organ Gallery of Plano and the Ballard Pipe Organ Company of San Antonio for their work in creating this beautiful instrument.

The Ralph Spence Memorial Harpsichord

The Ralph Spence memorial harpsichord is a Franco-Flemish double with 3 choirs of strings (8 ‘8 ‘4’ + buff) built by Peter Fisk of Boston, MA. It is decorated in the French style with a full soundboard and lid painting.

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