Virtual Services/COVID 19 Response

Gathering Again!

Make your reservation for on campus services: reservation links are not live until 9:00am Monday.

Click here after 9:00am Monday to make you reservation, or call after 9:00am Mondays.


Reservations are open from 9:ooam Monday until noon on Friday. 

Social distiancing and mask wearing are required at all in-person services.


New services are available at the South Campus, 5:30pm Saturday & 9:00am Sunday.

Virtual opportunities!

Sunday Services

Downtown 11:00am {live click here}    {service leaflet}    {previous services} 

South Campus 11:05am {click here}*    {powerpoint slides}


Christian Formation

SUNDAYS: Fr. David with an Introduction to Hebrews {click here}


THURSDAYS - Live on Zoom: Imagining the End of the World: Pandemic & Christian Eschatology with Fr. Matt.

click here to find videos.



Children's Sunday Morning Education 

Contact Tina for more information


Morning Prayer will be live streamed at weekdays at 7:00am {click here}

Submit prayer requests (spoken live) {click here} during Morning Prayer


EYC will be live & interactive through Zoom 

Contact Melanie for more information at

Sunday 5:00pm Senior High (9th-12th) Evening Prayer

Wednesday night 6:00pm EYC (5th-12th)



If you'd like to go back and watch any of these services in the Nave you can find them on our YouTube Channel 

(YouTube seems to be having some delay from the Live services until the video is available, it has been up to 12 hours. We are aware of this issue and trying seek resolution.)

South Campus is being streamed on Facebook live*,  click on that link and you can see last weeks service.


*You do not need a Facebook account to watch to live stream or see previous service.


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